Health Care Professionals: do you have patients...

  • who feel frustrated that they cannot see you today for personalized diabetes nutrition advice?

  • who are frustrated with online resources that do not provide enough guidance so they can feel confident in their food choices?

  • who struggle to separate what's helpful advice online and what isn't?

  • who are asking for a meal plan from a CDE so they can lower their stress about eating?

  • who say "just tell me what to eat and I'll do it" but you cannot see them for weeks or months?

  • where travel to see you is a significant barrier to starting their diabetes treatment?

Please know that there is help to bridge the wait between

their diagnosis and their first appointment with you...

Healthy Portions Are In Your Hands

Online Course

Our Healthy Portions Are In Your Hands course was designed as an affordable and accessible way to help reduce patients' stress about eating and diabetes, increase their confidence and knowledge about actions that help improve diabetes control, while also preparing them for their first diabetes appointment with you.

I get it!

I'm Michelle Archer, a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator in Canada who has a vision for

Making a Difference in Diabetes.

I've worked as a Diabetes Educator for over 15 years and focused my work towards individuals who are struggling with managing their health and their diabetes.

I'm driven by my mission to change the way both patients and practitioners experience diabetes education, management, and community healthcare services. I know first-hand that these health journeys can be better for the patient/client with increased access to trained experts and building community. This is why I created this program - to give people with diabetes access to trained experts and offer them community,

from the comfort of their own home!


  • a program for your patients that uses proven concepts in diabetes nutrition.

  • an affordable option your patients can start today, from the comfort of their own computer.

  • your clients creating their own diabetes menu plan that fits with their lifestyle and addresses the drivers of hyperglycemia.

  • patients already experiencing success and gaining confidence prior to your first visit with them.

  • patients who use blood sugar testing to learn what actually works for them, their life, and their diabetes.

  • offering your patients access today to a Certified Diabetes Educator and an online diabetes community.

  • all this for a cost of only $49 per person for the person living with diabetes.


Your patients will learn how to:        

  • understand real life approaches to carbohydrate foods.

  • balance meals so that their blood sugar rise after eating better matches their body's insulin response.

  • understand how it is almost impossible to manage their blood sugars if they are doing this one common thing.

  • clearly identify what eating approaches that do not work for them and identify strategies for approaches that may work better. 

  • feel success early in their diabetes management journey.

This 6-Week Course Covers:


  • You receive free unlimited access to the program.

  • You access the exact course your patients access.

  • You receive our 25+ page workbook and are granted permission to use and our Discovering Diabetes Food and Blood Glucose Record with your patients. 

  • You are invited to connect today with other diabetes educators in our private online community on Facebook: Diabetes Training 101 Inc Community of Learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long do I have access?

Health Professionals have lifetime access to the trainings and materials.

  • Can I use the materials I am receiving for free in this course in my practice?

Yes! You can use our Healthy Portions Are In Your Hands tools, manual and approaches with your clients as long as you do not alter the materials in any way. Requests to alter the tools or materials should be directed to Diabetes Training 101 Inc using the email below.

  • I am a person living with diabetes? How can I access this course for myself?

The Healthy Portions Are In Your Hands course for people living with diabetes can be accessed using this link:

Still have questions?

Email us at: